Our philosophy is to provide
friendly encounters with nature.

Our expeditions always aim to have a positive impact on the places we visit. Whether that is a national park, hotel, farm, school or community. The way Peregrinus Expeditions does this is by keeping in balance with our surroundings and our mother nature.

Sustainable tours is what we do.

Our birding tours, night walks, farms tours and nature walks are always mindful of how we treat, not only nature, but also the people in the communities we visit. We work hard to give our clients quality experiences with professionals that know what real sustainable activities are. We like to visit communities that get a large benefit from your tourism dollars. Most are farming communities that get very low prices of their products such as coffee, bananas and sugar cane. Our support helps to keep these communities and families together.

Many of the people you will meet are farmers that have been working their land for generations.

A few have created small projects to make a living in there community so they don’t have to move to the city to support their families. Some examples projects are small coffee production, sugar cane milling, dairy/agriculture farms and small private reserve ecolodges.
These rural areas have an amazing diversity of species especially birds, frogs and insects. We want everyone to have an authentic Costa Rican experience and at the same time help support the dreams and bring economic stability to these small communities.

Your appreciation of the amazing environments in and around Costa Rica also help to create a consciousness of the value of conservation with the locals.