One day

Our tours always support local communities.

This is a great opportunity to discover the secret of the rain forest in marvelous areas of the Talamanca Coordillera and Turrialba through nature walks and sustainable walks, or through the various educational programs.

We also offer tailored tours to other places such as:

• Guayabo National Monument • Finca Madrina Rural Tour • La Marta Wildlife Refuge • Reventazón Field Station • Get your birds, Ujarrás • Rancho Naturalista • Quelitales Hotel • Tucurrique

National Park

Great option to discover the species of this protected area, some endemic species from mossy forest as Sooty-face Finch and others


Highland elevation bird species(endemic species), this tour is for those that want to enjoy another species of birds and look for the Resplendent Quetzal and visit the volcano.

El Copal

Good for birdwatchers that look for target birds from the neotropics and middle elevation species, looking in the dense forest and roads. Around 22 species of tanagers, snowcap,antbirds, euphonias and other species. One of the best habitats you can bird in Costa Rica.

Turrialba Zone

This is a very nice tours that goes around in a couple of rivers looking for the beautiful Sunbittern and other species in open areas, crops and patches of forest, good for beginners too.

Carara National Park and Tárcoles area

This region is possible to discover in one day due the easy way to access from road 27, only 1 hour 30 minutes from San José You can access different ecosistems in the area such as: Tarcoles River, Mangrove, Humid Rain Forest and Dry forest transition. Carara area offers the oportunity to spot interesting mix bird species from the north and south Pacific, like Scarlet Macaw, Yellow naped parrot, Turquoise Crowned Motmot, Red capped Manakin, Great Manakin, American Pygmy kingfisher, the endemic Mangrove hummingbird and others.

Braulio Carrillo
National Park

An opportunity to visit one of the biggest National Parks of our country and also the closest rainforest from San José. A great option for a one day tour.

Is a park that connects lowlands with a cloud forest, it gives you the chance to enjoy all this nature, birds, wildlife and more while you walk their trails.

San Gerardo
De Dota

Beautiful cloud forest with one of the most amazing bird species: The resplendant Quetzal. Also holds a lot of endemic bird species and beautiful hummingbirds as the Fiery-throated hummingbird.

Good example of sustainable tourism that involves small communities. Is a tour that combines great with a visit to the paramo, another hotspot.