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Birding Trips

Ecuador is particularly interesting due to its high rate of endemism. Its topography, climate, fauna and flora are surprisingly different and captivating. Therefore, the species of birds that we can find in these areas are extremely varied. We will visit a whole series of ecosystems that vary from the high altitudes of the Paramo to the Amazon rainforest, passing through the montane, subtropical and Foothills evergreen forests.

 During these tours we will have the opportunity to observe a large number of regional endemic species and some national ones, while enjoying important comfort throughout the trip.


May 12th to 24th, 2025

Day 1: Arrive to Quito
Day 2: Drive to Mindo Area. Stay in Sachatamia Lodge
Day 3: Reserva Yanacocha, Tandayapa. Stay in Sachatamia Lodge
Day 4: Mashpi Amagusa Reserve and lek of the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock. Stay in Sachatamia Lodge
Day 5: Escondite Sachatamia. Stay in Puembo Bird Garden
Day 6: Antisana Paramo, drive to Guango near Papallacta. Stay in Guango Lodge
Day 7: Antenas de Papallacta. Stay in Guango Lodge.
Day 8: Drive to San Isidro, road of the Amazonas birding foot hill of the Andes. Stay in Cabañas San Isidro.
Day 9-10-11: Travel from San Isidro to El Coca, Northeast of Ecuador. Birding activiteies in Sani Lodge and Rio Napo, Amazonia, Ecuador, Stay in Sani Lodge.
Day 10: Copalinga Reserve – Bombuscaro River. Overnight at Copalinga Lodge
Day 11: Zamora – Loja old road (Route to San Francisco)- Night in Ashik Huasi Hostel Day 12: Travel back to Quito

Birding Trips

Panama boasts over 1,000 bird species, much like Costa Rica, thanks to its privileged geographic position as part of Central America, sandwiched between the vast continental masses of North and South America. In Panama, birdwatching is rich on both the western and eastern fronts, divided by the famous Panama Canal. These regions offer distinct environments with numerous unique and endemic species to observe.

The majority of the Canal Zone features a warm climate and encompasses both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, creating a fascinating blend, especially in the vicinity of the canal, where there’s approximately 80km of coast-to-coast distance.

To the west lies the country’s highest lands, hosting a considerable number of endemic species shared with Costa Rica. In the east, altitude decreases, but significant hills dot the landscape, particularly in the Darien Gap. The Darien Gap harbors impressive endemic birds atop certain hills and species also found in Colombia, such as the majestic Harpy Eagle


August, 2025

Day 1:  Panamá – Darién (Tortí)        

Day 2: Birding San Francisco, Private reserve   

Day 3: Chucunaque Lodge & Birding               

Day 4: Mariano Farm                                  

Day 5: Crested eagle                   

Day 6: Panamá city                        

Day 7: Pipeline Road Panamá city         

Day 8: Cerro Azul Panamá city 

Day 9: Travel back home

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